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The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will interest
his patients in the care of the
human frame, in diet
and in prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

What is Nutritional Medicine?

No Two People Are Alike.

Have you ever wondered why some people experience declining health and vitality, as they grow older while others seem to get better with age? Natural medicine recognizes this phenomenon that no two people are alike so the treatment also must be different. Each person is biochemically unique. Your metabolism depends on your genetic background, age, environment and activity level and diet. The nutrition that meets your optimal function may be vastly different from the diet required to produce the same effect in your friend or even a family member. One man’s food may literally be another man’s poison. So the common misconception that one nutritional program fits all should be strongly reconsidered.

Your State of Vitality

Another important principal is that the state of health is more than absence of disease. In natural medicine health is the optimum state of vitality unique to each individual within one’s life context. You probably have noticed that there are days that you may not be sick, but definitely don’t feel well. You may have a headache, congestion, fatigue, insomnia, generalized pain, gastrointestinal problems, skin disorders, Fibromyalgia or other persistent complaints. These symptoms are not severe enough to make you to seek medical attention, but they can certainly drain your vitality and enjoyment of life, and very often you might have blamed it on getting old. However with individualized and proper diet you can overcome these conditions. Excessive stress should be considered a toxic insult and puts an increased demand on your body. Subsequently your nutritional need would vary accordingly.

It Is Easier To Stay Well Than To Get Well

Dr. Vahabi advocates preventive medicine and early detection, because she believes it is easier to stay well than to get well. She says, “For maintaining optimum positive vitality, patient education is the key. I take pride when my patients replace their bad habits with better and healthier ones. It is important to educate my patients about their daily diet and recommend proper supplements as indicated. We have to diagnose and modify the culprits to one’s system before it sustains any long lasting damage. Frequently we can reverse serious conditions such as arteriosclerosis (blocked arteries) by diet and life style changes where once medical intervention and surgery were the only options.”