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The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will interest
his patients in the care of the
human frame, in diet
and in prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

The Craniosacral System

Craniosacral system is a rather recently recognized physiological system that is composed of the meningeal membranis (the membranous that covers the brain and spinal cord), the cerebrospinal fluid enclosed with the waterproof outermost layer (Dura Mater) of these meningeal membranes, and a system of regulated input and outflow of this fluid into the enclosure formed by this Dura Mater.

Thus, we have a semi-closed hydraulic system within which the fluid pressure and volume is rhythmically rising and falling throughout life. The craniosacral system provides a significant part of the physiological environment in which the brain and spinal cord develop and function. When this system becomes dysfunctional, for any reason, the function of the brain and/or the spinal cord is frequently, although not necessarily, compromised. Thus, any body part or system, which is influenced by the brain and/or spinal cord, may be affected. When the craniosacral system function is normalized, there can be far reaching and seemingly unrelated beneficial effects almost anywhere in the human body.