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The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will interest
his patients in the care of the
human frame, in diet
and in prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

About Dr. Soheila Vahabi

Dr. Soheila Vahabi is a chiropractic physician who specializes in the pain management and the treatment of headaches and allergies. Dr. Soheila Vahabi has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 1996. For many years she was a provider in integrative group practices such as Northwestern Memorial Physician Group and American Whole Health. She received her degree in chiropractic medicine and acupuncture certification from National University of Health and Science in Lombard, Illinois. Prior to chiropractic degree she achieved a master's degree in chemistry and she was involved in basic science research in fields of multiple sclerosis and oncology/ pharmacology. Dr. Soheila Vahabi is a member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and a member of the New York Academy of Science (NYAS).

Her unique educational background has enabled her to treat her patients from both spectrums of alternative and traditional medicine. She strongly believes in mind- body connection and treats the person as a whole. In addition, she works closely with traditional medicine practitioners in order to provide the best care for her patients.

Her primary focus is on preventive medicine, because she believes it is easier to stay well than to get well. Pain may not be experienced until after substantial tissue damage. Experiencing chronic pain indicates that tissue is being destroyed and disease is being produced.

Dr. Vahabi is also a recipient of the certificate of "Fellow of International Academy of Medical Acupuncture" (FIAMA)

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Fellow of International
Academy of Medical
Acupuncture (FIAMA)
Member of NADA
(National Acupuncture
Detoxification Association)
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